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Pick Up and Shipping

Picking up your puppy at our establishment


  • Pick up times are made by appointment. With a busy family, we appreciate you arriving at your appointed time

  • Please do not plan your visit for a Sunday, as we do not do puppy business on Sundays


Shipping a Pup / Picking up your puppy at the airport:


  • We ship puppies to almost every major airport in the country using  Delta or United Airlines

    • We make all the arrangements on this end, doing our best to accommodate your preferred date and time of arrival

  • ​Your paperwork and a small bag of puppy food will be taped to the kennel

  • Upon arrival your puppy will be transferred to Delta Cargo, or United or Delta baggage claim/ticket counter. You will simply have to show ID, and claim your puppy

  • Once home, your puppy may need a time of rest and relaxation, much like people after a day of traveling.  If so, give them some time and space to rest and recuperate

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