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About Us

We are Jordan and Shantelle De Boer.  We met in high school, and continued dating for the next 5 years before getting married.  Since then, we have had three little girls and a little boy who we love to spend our time with.  Our oldest is 5 and is excited to begin Kindergarten.  She is big into the outdoors and doing things herself.  Our other two daughters are identical twins who after having spent 6 weeks in the NICU are thriving and about to turn 4! They enjoy taking care of the puppies and following their big sister around. 

Jordan is a middle school  teacher at a local school.  Shantelle stays home and takes care of our children. We both have a love for dogs, and we want to share our passion with others by sharing this wonderful breed! We love our Miniature Poodles and believe they have the best demeanors and make the best companions. 


Our Family

Our Team
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